What We’re Up To Right Now

Right now we’re trying to set things up so that there’s lots of things people can buy/hustle to support Babygirl. This way people can actually get something in return for contributing to her legal fee’s.

Right, now we’re working on a poster which we’ll most likely be printing with scavenged materials because we’re are simultaneously broke as hell and hella sharp. However, if you do screenprinting and think you could help us out by printing something a little sharper feel free to hit us up and we’ll email you our designs. savageravage@riseup.net

Future projects in the same realm of making some merch the for cause include: Making and printing a zine, designing and printing shirts, designing and printing hoodies, and making all of these things available for purchase online.

When a few of these things are done we’ll likely make a call-out for a multi-city fundraiser and attempt to harass you personally via internetted email communication.

If you’re interested in helping with any of this fell free to hit us or just do it and tell us after the fact savageravage@riseup.net