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Currently Jennifer is trying to get $4,000 in order to repeal her 3rd strike which is considered a non serious felony and can be reduced  under California’s Proposition 36 “Three Strikers Reform Act of 2012” “The law requires the court to re sentence me as a second striker with a determinate double-the-midterm sentence, unless the prosecutor proves that I concurrently represent an “unreasonable risk to public safety”. If granted, it would change me ridiculous 25 years-to-life sentences to a determinate sentence of less than 20 years, and this could lead to my eventual release from prison!” -Jennifer

Four grand is simultaneously allot of money and not much money at all. In response to this, and also the needs and wants of this strong/rebellious woman we’ve made this site in order to attempt to drum up some support beyond what Jennifer is currently receiving. We need help from you. What we have in mind is a simultaneous fundraiser, or series of fundraisers, in multiple cities which has the aim to raise this four grand or at least a large chunk of it. We’re thinking that sometime in January would be ideal as it’s after the holiday months when everyone gets all busy and poor. Also, we’ve heard some rumors about an international day of trans prisoner solidarity in January and this would be a great opportunity to raise awareness toward other trans prisoner while supporting Jennifer!

Please contact us if you’d like to participate in this, if you have ideas about better or different ways of doing this, or if you’d like to do fundraisers in the more immediate future!

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You can also contribute funds to the current online fundraiser Here. This fundraiser is the new one after the last one got shut down.

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If you’d like to contribute to Jennifers commissary for basic neccessities, postage stamps, and writing materials you can send her money at