Understanding The Situation

Hey y’all,
Jennifer Gann is a resolved anarchist trans woman prison rebel who would benefit greatly from a more established and broad support system. So, we’ve created three internet things for her: A support site on noblogs.org, a fundraiser on fundrazr.com, and a list on Riseup. We’ve done this in the hopes that other people may be interested in playing an active role in her support and be interested in interfacing with people aren’t so anti-social as me and/or us.
Right now there are three major goals which Jennifer has:

#1: Jennifer is doing life under the rein of california’s three strikes law. However, under California’s Proposition 36 “Three Strikers Reform Act of 2012” the court is required to re-sentence her as second striker and give her a sentence of 20 years or less, which could lead to her release from prison. So, right now she has access to a lawyer who specializes in prop 36 cases whose willing to defend her for $4,000, hence the fundraiser. We’re hoping to use this fundraiser as a vessel for getting more people involved in her case and to establish for her a broad support crew.

#2: To get the court to pay for her sex reassignment surgery. Legal precedent has just been set for this in the cases of Michelle-Lael Norsworthy and Shiloh Quine.

#3: To get transferred to a women’s prison

So, these things all require allot of lawmen and the dollars they so diligently demand. Not only this, but they likely involve allot of emotional ups and downs in the ensuing struggles. Please, consider supporting this wonderful rebel who spent ten years of her life in solitary confinement and in unashamed about her vengeful attack on an associate warden and the District Attorney during a prison riot!

For more information about who Jennifer is, organizing a fundraiser yourself, and a current mailing address go to:


To join our list on Riseup and get more involved in support effort send on email to:


To donate to her legal fund visit:


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